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Developing Your Eye: Extended Trot – Real Time and Slo Mo


Developing Your Eye: Extended Trot – Real Time and Slo Mo
You get to be the judge! I have compiled the extended trots of some of the top riders in the United States. All of these riders have ridden on a team representing the US in dressage. Now we get to watch and learn. Since dressage is a judged sport a big part of the learning process is being able to see what is good, what is better and what could be improved. So in light of that this should be a chance for an open discussion about what you like and what could be improved for each of these riders.

This video features Shelly Francis on Danilo, Mette Rosencrantz on Marron, Kasey Perry on Dublet, Allison Brock on Rosevelt and Charlotte Jorst on Nintendo. So check out this side by side comparison of this star studded line up in a way you have never seen them before!

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