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Michael Barisone: Fundamentals of Forward in Dressage


Michael Barisone: Fundamentals of Forward in Dressage
In this lesson Michael Barisone stresses the importance of riding a horse forward. This lesson applies not only to the dressage horse but also to show jumping and 3 day eventing. Riding the forward movement of a horse can be intimidating for some riders but Michael Barison makes the case that this is one of the most important things you can do in riding dressage. He talks about how to effectively use your seat aid and your whip aid to encourage your horse to go forward in the dressage ring. He also talks about riding through the resistance that you may get from your horse. This video is jam packed with valuable insights from one of the top riders in the USA. So watch and learn! Then go out to the stable and try it on your own.

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