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World Equestrian Brands On the Road Making Great Equipment Better

Buena Vista, VA (July 8, 2013) Excellence has always been at the heart of World Equestrian Brand products, which is why World Equestrian Brands’ Robin Moore, Peter Mattes of EA Mattes, and Alison Sherwood-Bruce, sales director for Equilibrium Products, were on the road to meet with a few WEB retailers in the Northeast.

“Mattes has an exceptional line of sheepskin girths that are real problem solvers for various conformation issues. Many times, saddle fit is adversely effected by the wrong girth, so we spent a lot of time going over that,” said Peter Mattes. “There are three girths, The Athletico, The Asymmetric, and The Crescent, which have been designed specifically for different conformational issues.”

As for Equilibrium, the Tri-zone Airlite range consists of Cross-Country Boots, Allsports, and Open Front and Fetlock boots. Sherwood-Bruce said, “There are some changes being made on the lining of the Allsports Boots and the Airlite Open Front and Fetlock boots.”

“The XC boots have a different lining than the others, so all will be swapped to the same lining as the XC boots as that is performing extremely well and it will bring consistency throught the Airlite range.  Additionally, by popular demand, we will be bringing back the Stretch & Flex Bandages in a four pack.”

The trio of experts traveled to Massachusetts to confer with SmartPak Equine’s corporate headquarters in Plymouth, as well as the Dover Saddlery headquarters in Littleton before hitting “the islands” for staff training at Dover stores in North Kingston (Rhode Island) and Huntington (Long Island), as well as additional staff training stops at Arbitrage Tack in Oakville, CT and The Horsemen’s Outlet, in Lebanon, NJ.

“We appreciate this time we got to spend with the teams at the various shops, it is important to get feedback from our retailers, as they are the frontline of our product,” said Moore.

Mattes and Sherwood-Bruce agreed: “This trip was highly successful because we had the opportunity to go over the technical aspects of Mattes and Equilibrium products. The staff loved the opportunity to gain such information and to better understand what sets these brands apart.  They asked some great questions, we had a lot of interaction and enthusiasm.”

As with riding, moving ‘forward’ is always a strong sign of progress.

World Equestrian Brands is committed to providing world class, high performance equestrian products with hassle-free, personalized service backed by experienced riders. Learn more atwww.worldequestrianbrands.com.

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