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The End of FREE Videos on Dressage Hub


The End of FREE Videos on Dressage Hub
For only $1 a month you will have access to all of our awesome videos: http://ift.tt/2fKjRQH

We are officially four years old and it is time for some big changes at Dressage Hub. With over 5 million views, we are taking our video library to the next level and we need your support to do it. Fan funding is the only way for Dressage Hub to survive, so, all of the super awesome videos with the world’s most elite dressage trainers will now only be available by subscription. For only $1 a month you will still have access to all of the great videos on dressage hub. So head on over to Patreon and help us keep making awesome dressage videos with great trainers like Robert Dover, Charlotte Dujardin, Carl Hestor and Debbie McDonald!

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