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Laura Graves: How to Fix Head Tilt In Your Dressage Horse


Laura Graves: How to Fix Head Tilt In Your Dressage Horse
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As dressage riders we spend a lot of time obsessing over perfection, head tilt is one of those small things in dressage that can drive you absolutely crazy trying to fix. In this video Olympic medalist and #2 ranked rider in the world of dressage, Laura Graves shows us how to quietly and effectively work through this issue with your horse.
This issue stems from a balance problem and can show up at any level of training in dressage, the key is to correctly fix it before your horse develops an imbalance in his or her muscles and an ultimately a unbalanced way of going. In short, the quicker you can fix this problem in your dressage horse the happier you and your horse will be in the long run!

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