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Dr. Hilary Clayton: Training Vs Conditioning


Dr. Hilary Clayton: Training Vs Conditioning
Catch the full hour and a half long lecture here: http://ift.tt/2xApyf5

Today’s treat is an important one that many riders skip over in understanding the strength and conditioning of their horses. Renowned author Dr Hilary Clayton talks about the different between training and conditioning the dressage horse for work. This hour and a half long lecture covers a lot of ground. She starts out by talking about the horse builds and develops muscles and how ineffective training methods or a lack of recovery time will cause injury to your horse.

Later on in the lecture she discusses footing in terms of injury prevention and strength training and how she recommends creating an ideal environment for your horse. She also talks about suspensory injuries and and how the fetlock shock absorbs. And that my friends is just a short summary of what she covers in this jam packed lecture.

This is certainly one your horse doesn’t want you to miss!

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