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Steffen Peters: The Ultimate Half Halt – Medium Trot to Piaffe


Steffen Peters: The Ultimate Half Halt – Medium Trot to Piaffe
You can watch this mini lesson here: http://ift.tt/2xxYA6g

Olympic medalist Steffen Peters makes the art of dressage look truly like are with seemless transition that appear effortless when he rides down center line it is truly something that most riders can aspire to.
In this video, Steffen Peters schools and up and coming young rider and her horse on the Piaffe and passage transition. This transition challenges the best of riders in the show ring so making it look effortless is certainly a challenge.
The cool thing about this video is that Steffen Peters encourages her to school beyond the scope of what the test requires. Asking for a medium trot to piaffe transition, you are schooling the horse to make the half halt available for any transition. This principle can apply to any transition or movement, if you ask for something more challenging and always have your half halt available you will be able to craft a more elegant test in the show ring, regardless of what happens. Preparing your horse for any moment in time is truly the art that Steffen Peters has mastered, and a goal that many riders should aspire to.

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