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Hilda Gurney: Seat Position in Dressage


Hilda Gurney: Seat Position in Dressage
Do you have a body position of shoulder – hip – heel when you rider your horse? Or are you riding in a different position of balance? A great way to check is by taking a picture or a video and drawing a line. Then work towards improving your position.

Hall of Fame rider Hilda Gurney breaks down the basics of seat position in this video excerpt for Dressage Training Online. This fun video shows you examples of top level riders and how they are using seat positioning in the Grand Prix. There is an argument that the chair seat is an effective tool for riding dressage. What do you think?
In this video we watch US Pan Am Team member Heather Blitz using a chair seat position and we watch Canadian Pan Am Team rider Diane Creech using a forward seat, both of them on Grand Prix horses.
Hilda Gurney has had an enormous positive impact on US dressage over the past several decades as a judge, rider, and breeder. Her competition record is unsurpassed: an Olympic Team bronze medal in 1976, an individual gold and silver, and three team gold medals at the Pan Am Games, 6 USET National Grand Prix Championships on the legendary Hall of Fame member, Keen. In addition, Hilda has a highly successful breeding program

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