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Charlotte Dujardin Masterclass: How to Warm Up Your Dressage Horse


Charlotte Dujardin Masterclass: How to Warm Up Your Dressage Horse
What happens when you combine Charlotte Dujardin and Robert Dover in an amazing place like Central Park in Manhatten, New York?Magic happens! In this short video we watch Robert Dover and Charlotte Dujardin warm Evi Strausser’s Grand Prix dressage horse as part of a masterclass on dressage. This opening segment will walk you through the importance of warming up your horse in preparation for the movements in dressage, as well as how it helps your horse be more prepared for anything that might happen when you enter the show ring.
THE best part of this masterclass is that Robert Dover takes everything that Charlotte Dujardin is doing while she rides, and breaks it down for the audience in a way that makes it highly consumable information.
For now …. I leave you with the awesomeness of Charlotte Dujardin in Central Park New York!

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