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How to do Leg Yield on the Circle in Dressage


How to do Leg Yield on the Circle in Dressage
This is one of the most valuable exercises in dressage, from training level to grand prix, there are plenty of ways to use this exercise. While this exercise helps to collect and balance the horse it also helps to establish the aids and refine communication between horse and rider.

This exercise can be done at both the trot and canter, as your horse gets stronger and more supple with this exercise you can also add haunches in, shoulder in and renvers to the circle. And last, but certainly not least you can turn this exercise into your schooling for canter pirouettes. There are very few exercises that we do in dressage that are so versatile that they can be used for both a young horse and a grand prix horse, so go out and get started. This is one small step on your way to grand prix! Or at least the next level of dressage!

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