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Saddle Slip Quick Fix With Randi Thompson


Saddle Slip Quick Fix With Randi Thompson
Most riders know the feeling of looking down and seeing that the pommel of the saddle has shifted over to one side of the horse’s withers. Especially on circles and curves. This shifting saddle could be happening for many reasons. It could be because of how your horse is carrying you, a saddle not fitting the horse or rider right, or more likely than not, this is how you have been balancing your riding position in the saddle for a long time. You put more of your weight into one side of your riding position then the other. The good news is that this is a common riding challenge that you can focus on any time you ride. Warning. You will feel like you are out of balance when you first practice this Horse and Rider Awareness exercise. That is how out of balance your riding position really is.

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