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Charlotte Dujardin :Taking the Trot from Ugly to Awesome in a Dressage Horse


Charlotte Dujardin :Taking the Trot from Ugly to Awesome in a Dressage Horse
Watch Olympic Gold medalist Charlotte Dujardin and United States Olympic Team coach work together in this masterclass! In this short segment they discuss the importance of being able to ride transitions within the gaits of your horse.

The best part of this video is that it doesnt just mean the extended trot to collected trot or piaffe, Charlotte Dujardin demonstrates the amazing ability to change the pace of the passage as you are riding it! That is truly a magical moment in dressage riding.

Charlotte Dujardin also states that any horse can develop an amazing trot. When she is shopping for horses she looks for an amazing walk and canter, knowing that she can take a trot from ugly to awesome just by simple and effective training in dressage.

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