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Karen Pavicic: The Breaking of Don Daiquiri


Karen Pavicic: The Breaking of Don Daiquiri
The sign of a good trainer is that another rider should, in theory, be able to get on the horse and effortlessly ride it. Karen Pavicic sold Don Daiquiri a year ago to Daniel Hirosh. Last weekend he scored in the low 60’s and I went on a mission to make a who rode him better video as I have done with so many horse and rider combinations before. On a mission to discuss judging bias in dressage, I found this instead. Every single warm up clip I have of Karen Pavicic has the exact same wrestling match with her and Don Daiquiri in the warm up ring. These segments were filmed over the course of more than ten different shows.

Instead of uncovering a judging bias or a fun comparative video of another top rider taking over the proverbial reins, we are now looking at a discussion about how the breaking of a horse by one rider becomes a chore to over come for the next.

This week Karen Pavicic has also announced that rather than riding for Canada in the sport of dressage she will now be representing Croatia. Some of you may recall a judging fiasco, which was the result of a giant sized temper tantrum that Karen Pavicic threw after she failed to obtain the qualifying scores to head to the Olympic games in Rio. She filed an attack against the judges claiming an absolute bias against her. I would invite you to watch the clips of the warm and decide for yourself if this riding is the caliber that we should idolize and ascertain to as dressage riders.

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