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Dressage Commentary in Jazzercise Featuring Diane Creech


Dressage Commentary in Jazzercise Featuring Diane Creech
Dressage shows often have a golf like commentary, best done with a man with a British accent to ensure that we all know that it is the most pretentious sport on the planet. What if we mix it up a bit and try a different type of commentary on dressage videos? Would that create a little more audience engagement? I mean just for fun it would be great to have a football expert voice over a dressage test just to see how it turns out. Kasey Perry Glass shared a Jazzercise video this morning and I couldn’t help but think it was the perfect audio track for this video of Canadian Dressage Rider Diane Creech on Chevris Capitol.

Since dressage has been way to serious lately I decide to lighten it up a big with some good fun humor and a different kind of edit of one of the top Canadian Dressage riders who is headed into the CDI 5* Grand Prix at the Global Dressage Festival this weekend.

So, if you need a chuckle click play, if you are easily offended you probably want to skip over this edit.

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