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Brittany Fraser: All In is All Out – Recognizing an Unhappy Dressage Horse


Brittany Fraser: All In is All Out – Recognizing an Unhappy Dressage Horse
Bucking Bolting and Rearing this horse hates his job! A few weeks ago I posted picture of Canadian Dressage rider Brittany Fraser Beaulieu in the warm up with her dutch warmblood All In. My fans had mixed responses to the pictures. While some see it as bad riding when the horse is in rolkur, others said it is merely a minute in time and justify the post by saying I am merely jealous of Brittany Fraser.

Well folks, I can assure that there is not an ounce of flesh in my body that is jealous of Brittany Fraser, but what I can tell you is that I have spent more time filming and watching the warm up than any other person on the planet. I know these riders better than their moms. I know their tricks, their strengths and their weaknesses, but most of all I know their horses. I watch good days and bad days on most horses and here is what I know about Brittany Fraser and All in.

I have never seen a more unhappy horse in the warm up. And I would argue based on the show footage I included, he is not happy in the show ring either.

You can make your own decisions about how good you think this riding is, but what I know is that I have never seen a worse warm up, more consistently than Brittany Fraser and All in.

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