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Trail Riding in Wellington

Trail Riding in Wellington

My children and I were very excited to go horsebackriding one afternoon. We get in the car

and proceed to Wellngton, Florida! The whole way there the kids and I were saying this was going

to be the best day ever!

Upon arrival at the stable as I’m filling out the paperwork, the women asked for cash. I said, “I

only have a credit card is that a problem?”  She said we don’t accept credit cards.

So the kids and I left very disappointed and the stable owner lost the business.

The horse world can be a difficult place to maneuver in business, clients are often mobile from one city to the next and may not even be locally based. By adding a merchant processor to your cell phone you can eliminate the hassle of trying to track down client for payments and other transactions.

The solution is to take mobile payments from a real merchant processor such as Evo. Andrew Margolies is located in Wellington and works with equestrians across the USA. You can reach him directly at  561 693 8667.

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