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12 Days Of Awesome: Majyk Equipe Tendon Boots Value $190


12 Days Of Awesome: Majyk Equipe Tendon Boots Value $190
Day 9 of the 12 Days of Awesomeness is the hottest new horse boots in town, literally! There is not another person on the planet with these boots so you can be the first, ok well the second, because I got to be the first, but since I am currently horseless you can be the first to put them on your horse, does that sound like a deal or what! This may be the best deal ever! You get to be the coolest kid at the stable, you finally get to have the gift that everyone will covet so what are you waiting for? Go enter!

You can check out Majyk Equipe here:


To Enter to Win:
All Dressage Hub Super fans who support our YouTube Channel through Patreon are automatically entered for all 12 Days. Each $10 Pledge counts for 2 entries and a $25 pledge counts for 5 entries each day.

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To enter to win without pledging place a comment in the section below the video on YouTube and Subscribe to Dressage Hub on YouTube.

Winners have 24 hours to enter. All winners will be chosen at random. A new contest will be posted each day for 12 day of complete and total awesomeness!

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